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Metal sheets
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Taizhou Dongxing alloy material Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, production of major products have thermal bimetal, double sheet metal, wire, three sections guide wire, fluorescent lamp guidewire metal composite materials (including silver copper, chromium and silver silver palladium, gold and silver, silver and zinc, silver nickel) a variety of base metal and precious metal complex, a complex, multiple complex high-tech materials.
After 10 years of market competition, has been the development of the production of multiple varieties of different specifications, the leading international the punching technology, six high-speed automatic production line can be, of more than 800 million pieces. As the national electrical industry the main supporting enterprises and with the export to various regions of the world, is a professional production of various kinds of thermal relay, circuit breaker, air switch, fluorescent lamp start starter and other electrical components, a backbone enterprise of thermal bimetal element.
Company has strong technical force, sophisticated technology and equipment, complete detection means. Full automatic production line, capable of large-scale production. Companies focus on standardized management, strengthen the quality of staff awareness and quality awareness, in order to meet customer needs and expectations for the purpose of the enterprise.
Company has been created so far as the famous electric company, double metal thermal components of electrical production enterprises supporting the production of various models, specifications, product quality and service quality by customer praise, the products sell well throughout the country, in the customer enjoys an excellent reputation in the quality. And over the years civilization was named higher levels of government and relevant large enterprise groups is advanced, excellent, top ten, star, AAA grade, create civilized units, such as the title.
The company in 2010 passed the ISO9001 certification, is a bi metal element in manufacturing industry the first through the ISO9001 certification of enterprises, in the twenty-first century, the company will increase efforts in technological innovation, introduce advanced technology and talent, adhere to continuous improvement, to better products dedicated to customers

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